The Budget Worksheet serves as an outline for your budget. It is not to be used to take the place of your detailed budget. You must submit a detailed budget with your cost breakdown of each item that you are requesting funding for.

Please use the following template: SPACES Detailed Budget Template.

  1. The template has been formatted to account for tax (8.75%) in the line items for food, materials, and misc categories.
  2. Formulas have been included for the subtotal and total columns. Please do not manually enter in information on the subtotal and total columns.
  3. The only items you should be changing are the individual items, cost per item, and quantity. You may add and/or delete rows as needed.

As you create your budget, please use the appropriate line items as listed on the Budget Worksheet, to categorize items that you need:

  1. Printing (printing that requires Imprints’ services)
  2. Contracts (i.e DJ, Speaker – note: cannot be employed at UCSD)
  3. Facility Rental (i.e. room fees, tables, chairs)
  4. AV/Technical (i.e. sound system, stage, equipment)
  5. Transportation (i.e. fleet services, mileage reimbursement, gas)
  6. Food (i.e. groceries, catering – please specify dishes and quantity)
  7. Materials (i.e. t-shirts, nametags, posters)
Sample Budget:

If you need more guidance, please contact the SPACES Advisor