Student-Initiated Programs for Holistic Retention

Student-Initiated Programs for Holistic Retention (SIPHR) is a student-initiated and student-run service that functions to increase the retention rates of UCSD undergraduates. SIPHR will be proactive at preventing academic probation, disqualification, and drop-out within underserved and under-resourced communities, including students from low income, first generation, non-traditional, undocumented, disabled communities of color.

Mission Statement

SIPHR Learning Outcomes

Bridge educational disparities and challenges by providing programming and resources that promote the academic success of students from under-resourced and underserved backgrounds.

Connect under-resourced students to culturally effective resources and programs that support their academic, personal, and professional growth. 

Enrich under-resourced and under-represented students’ sense of belonging and undergraduate experiences by building emotionally supportive relationships between undergraduates, staff, faculty, and alumni. 

Strengthen preparedness for graduating students in constructing their post-graduation objectives and developing their career pathways.