Cycle XV


The SPACES Co-Directors, SIPHR Co-Coordinators, and SIAPS Co-Coordinators oversee the management and maintenance of the center. With the consent of the SPACES Board of Directors, they make decisions as they consistently evaluate and assess existing methodologies and practices used by SPACES and its programs.

Lauren SaClauso (she/her)

co-Director of internal affairs

Sydney Benjamin (She/Her)

Co-Director of Internal Affairs

Leona Vo (She/Her)

Director of Financial Affairs

Isaiah Uson (He/Him)

SIPHR Co-Director

Eman Abdulkadir (she/her)

SIAPS Co-Director

Sophia Sumaray (she/her)

Director of External Affairs

SIAPS Coordinators

SIAPS serves to encourage and support creative student-initiated programs and services that increase access to higher education for historically underrepresented and underserved students. Through affirming identities, developing academic success, and providing resources, SIAPS shall empower students to create profound changes in their communities and in the world. SIAPS is committed to supporting all student efforts that match this purpose at the University of California, San Diego.

Annastacia Espinoza (she/her)

NAISA Access Programs Coordinator

Isabella Cayanan (she/her)


Mariebelle Logan (she/her)

Engagement Programs & Initiatives Coordinator (EPIC)

Piya Singkalavnich (she/her)

APSA Leap Access Coordinator

Vryan Feliciano (he/him)

EPIC Data Analyst & Matriculation Coordinator

Allison Hermosa (she/her)

Mecha Xoxotlani Access Coordinator

Teuilatausala Moa (she/her)

EA'OPE Access Coordinator

Joss Carbonell (they/them)

QTPOC Access Coordinator


SIPHR is a student-initiated and student-run service that functions to increase the retention rates of University of California, San Diego undergraduates. In particular, we strive to serve educationally disadvantaged student populations. SIPHR is committed to providing free retention programs and services that help undergraduates financially, socially, and academically.

Teanna Bautista-Leung (she/her)

APSA Community RISE Coordinator

Julieta Chacon (she/her)

MEChA SIGUE Retention Coordinator

Fiona Tang (she/her)

ASP Resource Assistant

Victoria Sanchez (she/her)

ASP Resource Co-Coordinator

Amanda Rojas (she/they)


Cheayenne'Tagi Gorg (she/they)

ea'ope retention programs coordinator

Maryam Dehaini (she/her)

MSA Retention Coordinator

Kaitlyn Canizales (She/Her)

BSU Kujiichagulia Retention Coordinator

Danielle Hernandez (she/her)

KP STAR Coordinator

Angelina Felipe (she/they)

ASP Resource Co-Coordinator


The Student Programs Ignited for Community Engagement and Education (SPICEE) is a student-initiated and student-run component of SPACES that functions to empower underserved populations at the University of California, San Diego through the acquisition of political knowledge, the exploration of and formation of personal identity, along with engagement in social justice and activism. SPICEE is committed to supporting all student-initiated efforts that aim to engage and support underserved communities on the University of California, San Diego campus.

Rhine Chan (she/her)

Operations and Volunteer Coordinator

Carolina Diaz Garcia (she/her)

Overnight Program and Transition Co-Coordinator

Rara Watanabe (she/her)

The Collective Voice Co-Coordinator

Priscilla Puno (she/they)

The Collective Voice Co-Coordinator

Hannah Espejo (she/her)

Media: Graphic Design Coordinator

Jaimelyn Cruz (she/her)

Media: Graphic Design Coordinator

Jayson GutieRRez (He/Him)

Campus Diversity Engagement Co-Coordinator

David Cao (He/Him)

Campus Diversity Engagement Co-Coordinator

mark Napasa (he/him)

Media: Web & Marketing Coordinator

Career Staff

Advisors assists the 3 components of SPACES by planning long-term goals and assisting the respective programs. 

Regine Reyes (they/them)

SIPHR Advisor

Joseph Ruanto Ramirez (he/they)

SIAPS Advisor

Christian Perez (he/him)

SPICEE Advisor