The Collective Voice (TCV)

What is The Collective Voice?

The Collective Voice is a digital multimedia publication. Some of the topics that we cover are:

  • Anti-imperialist
  • Anti-capitalist
  • Anti-racist
  • Decolonial
  • Visionary feminist
  • Queer Communities and Experiences

Mission Statement

We strive to inspire and uplift marginalized students to advocate for themselves and their communities through the dialectal circulation of perspectives and experiences.

Vision Statement

We aim to empower marginalized students to share critically important stories and perspectives, in order to bring light to the injustices experienced by systemically marginalized communities and connect our stories to build power towards our collective liberation.

Upcoming Events

  • Film Screening     (Date: TBD)
  • Guest Speaker     (Date: TBD)
  • Paint Day               (Date: TBD)

TCV Magazine

The TCV Magazine will include publications and media related to Anti-imperialist, Anti-capitalist, Anti-racist, Decolonial, Visionary feminist, and Queer subjects! Keep in touch and make sure to get one when released!