Funding Guide

SPACES Learning Outcomes

All programs coordinated or sponsored by SPACES must address one or more of the following learning outcomes:

2015-2016 SPACES Learning Outcomes

 Rate Guidelines

As you are preparing your budget, please keep the rate guidelines in mind. SPACES will fund items to a certain limit, but it is not guaranteed that programs will be approved for all funds requested.

Restricted Line Items
SPACES will not provide funding for the items listed below. Exceptions to these rules may apply to internal programs with the approval of the SPACES Advisor.
  1. Any guest speaker/performer that has not made an initial commitment to the requested event
  2. Any non-verified price quote
  3. Awards and honors
  4. Banners
  5. Decorations
  6. Film, video, and film/video processing/purchase
  7. Instructors, referees or umpire fees
  8. Insurance/Damage Waiver
  9. Membership fees
  10. Newspaper advertising
  11. Parking spaces
  12. Permanent equipment or maintenance of equipment
  13. Postage/Shipping Costs
  14. Printing Costs*
  15. Uniforms or club apparel

*SPACES will not provide funds for printing costs, but rather, allocates a certain amount of black & white copies to be made locally at the center by a SPACES Staff Member. The respective funding body will allocate a certain amount of copies that can be made for your program.

 Restricted Events
  • Any event at which any revenue is collected
  • Student Organizations’ Off-Campus events
  • Student Organizations’ Board Meetings/Retreats
  • Closed events – all events must be open to all students

 Conferences/Large Events/Large Programs
  • Student Organizations requesting funding from SPACES for conferences, large events, and large programs must request funding from AS and/or other entities, when the purpose and goals of the program align with the funding policies of other entities. We encourage coordinators for events to look into multiple sources of funding on-campus and off-campus to gather support for your efforts from the larger community.
  • Visit the One Stop page for a full list of different funding opportunities.

 Funding Caps for SPACES Non-Core Organizations
  • SPACES Core Organizations are identified as follows: Asian & Pacific-Islander Student Alliance (APSA), Black Student Union (BSU), Kaibigang Pilipin@ (KP), Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan (MEChA), Native American Student Alliance (NASA), and Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC). The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is considered a core organization of SIPHR. These organizations have demonstrated a commitment to educational access and retention throughout the years, even prior to the establishment of SPACES.
  • SPACES Non-Core Organizations are registered UCSD Student Organizations that do not have a “Core Organization” status with SPACES. SPACES Non-Core Organizations can request and receive a limited amount of funds for their access and retention events per quarter.
    • SIPHR Retention Programs: $1,000/event per quarter
    • SIAPS Access Programs: $1,000/event per quarter
  • For more information on how to become a SPACES Core Organization, please consult the SPACES, SIPHR, and SIAPS Charters and/or contact the SPACES Advisor.