What We Fund

SPACES provides support for a number of programs that support the larger mission of achieving education equity.

SPACES provides funding for student-initiated and student-run access and retention programs of SPACES Student Staff Members and registered UCSD student organization through SIPHR and SIAPS which follow the mission of SPACES. In general, programs that target K‐14 students receive funds through SIAPS, while programs that target undergraduates receive funds through SIPHR. Based on the objectives, goals, and target participants of the program, the funding source will be determined by the SPACES Advisor.

In particular, the program, activity, or service should be student-initiated, student-run, and focused on improving access to higher education and/or retention within higher education for educationally disadvantaged students. For funding purposes, an educationally disadvantaged student shall be defined as having one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Lacks materials
  • Lacks college preparedness
  • Lacks cultural resources to provide multicultural curriculums
  • Attended a school with low per pupil expenditure
  • Attended a school which historically discriminated through tracking
  • Attended a 4th or 5th quintile performance school in the state
  • Is socio-economically disadvantaged
  • Is a first-generation college student
  • Is a non-traditional student (Veteran, returning…)
  • Is disabled

Altogether, SPACES funds a broad range of program and services. However, all events should consist of one or more of the required 10 program aspects:

  1. Create awareness about social justice and educational equality.
  2. Promote community engagement and practice principles of community.
  3. Reflect student and community empowerment.
  4. Promote a positive impact on student life.
  5. Integrate affirmative values.
  6. Explore the meaning and impact of self-identities
  7. Develop leadership skills.
  8. Cross-collaboration with other student organizations, centers, and departments.
  9. Provide information and referral support system and services.
  10. Encourages long-term participation for future services and events.

How to Place a Request for Funding

There are 9 general components of the SPACES Program Proposal Process.

  1. Review the SPACES Funding Guidelines
  2. Complete and submit your Program Proposal Packet (at least 35 days in advance)
  3. Program Proposal Presentation (at least 28 days in advance)
  4. Begin the Triton Activities Planner (TAP) Process (at least 21 days in advance)
  5. SPACES Internal Events Only – Schedule a Program Development Meeting w/the SPACES Advisor (3-4 weeks in advance)
  6. Finalize the Triton Activities Planner (TAP) Process (at least 14 days in advance)
  7. SPACES Internal Events Only – Schedule a Program Coordination w/the SPACES Program Assistant (2-3 weeks in advance)
  8. Participant Information Collection
  9. Post-Program Report (no later than 7 days following event)