ASP Booklending

Application Status: CLOSED

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About Us

ASP Booklending is a free textbook lending service available to all UCSD students! We strive to relieve the financial burden of purchasing academic textbooks for higher education. By doing so, we hope to remove barriers to retention in higher education for underrepresented student populations. We are a part of the Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Services (SPACES), funded by AS.

Applying is as simple as filling out a form. We encourage you to join our emailing list using the button below if you would like to be notified when the application is released and learn about upcoming events!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at You can also follow our Instagram, @aspbooklending, for more updates!

Come Visit Us!

Our office is located on the second floor of Price Center, above the Starbucks. We are on the West side of Price Center, beside the college meeting rooms. We understand that our office is not easy to find, so feel free to send us an email if you need help locating it!

If you need to visit our office in person, please email us to make an appointment ahead of time to ensure that one of the ASP Booklending team will be in the office at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no requirements for applying for our program! Our application is open to all students, regardless of financial status, class level, or other factors. However, we strongly recommend you attend one of our ASP Booklending events or one of the other events SPACES holds. This is a great way to learn more about SPACES’s mission and connect with your community. You can learn more about these events by following the ASP Booklending Instagram, @aspbooklending!

We can provide course related textbooks, access codes, certain lab notebooks, and iclickers that are on the textbooks side of the bookstore only! We only provide one non-returnable item per quarter. The main SPACES office has free bluebooks, scantrons, and testing materials.

Yes, we can provide access codes/bild 4 lab notebooks and other items as long as they are items that are past the bookstore register! Unfortunately we are not able to provide any BARBAKAM lab notebooks or any carbon paper notebooks. However, we can only provide one of these non-returnable items to each student. This is to ensure that we get the majority of our items returned back to us at the end of the quarter.

Unfortunately, we can only provide books that are sold at the bookstore.

Yes! We loan textbooks and other items on a quarterly basis, so you must return your books at the end of each quarter and reapply the next quarter. If you need any textbooks for more than 1 quarter, please email us about it directly.

You may return your books to us any time before Friday of finals week! However, you must return it before the Friday of finals week. In order to return it, all you need to do it drop it off into the pink book drop-off box in front of our office. From there, we will check it back in. 

If you have legitimate reasons for turning them in late, please notify us via e-mail at no later than Monday of Week 10 of the respective quarter. We will make exceptions for certain cases, but in order to not be penalized, you must send us an email before the deadline. If your request is not approved and you submit your books late, you will be ineligible for booklending the following quarter.

Students are given the scheduled times for book returns in many forms (email & Libib notifications) along with our contact information. This is our way of holding students accountable for a program that we provide for free. If you do not return your book(s), we will not be able to lend the book(s) to other students in need. So plan ahead so we can avoid any complications.

Need more information? Please contact the ASP Booklending Team at