Utilizing SPACES Funds

If you have been granted full or partial funding from SPACES, the funding that is being provided to you has been approved under the purpose, goals, and conditions that were outlined in your Program Proposal and meeting with the respective funding body. In order to have access to the funding that was provided by SPACES, Program Coordinators have been entrusted by the respective funding body to utilize the funds in an appropriate manner as detailed in the budget and in the description of the program.

Appeal/Request for Additional Funds

If you were granted partial funding, no funding, and/or need additional funding for your event/program, you may submit an appeal and/or request for additional funds in compliance with the funding deadlines. For appeals, a revised program proposal must be submitted. To request for additional funds, please submit a new detailed budget requesting the additional funds along with a narrative explaining the request to the SPACES Advisor.

Rescheduled Events/Programs

In the case that a Program Coordinator needs to reschedule their event/program, they may do so as long as the event/program is rescheduled at least 3 weeks (21 days) in advance and remains within the same academic quarter that the funds were originally requested for. If the event needs to be rescheduled to a different quarter, the Program Coordinator must resubmit their program proposal for review. Program Coordinators are responsible for notifying the SPACES Program Assistant when an event/program has been rescheduled and changing the date within TAP, if it is an on-campus event.

Cancelled Events/Programs

Program Coordinators should plan ahead and allow at least 4 weeks to sufficiently plan their program. Event must be cancelled at least 72 hours of the projected event/program date. Program Coordinators are responsible for notifying the SPACES Program Assistant immediately, when an event/program has been cancelled. They must also cancel the event on TAP, if it is an on-campus event.

Program Coordinators must contact their vendor(s) to cancel any orders that have been placed. If possible, Program Coordinators must request for a refund to be issued. If a refund cannot be issued, then the next preferred method is credit from the vendor. If any funds that SPACES provided was spent for a cancelled event, the Program Coordinator and/or student organization of the respective event is responsible for ensuring these funds are returned to SPACES.

Revoking Funds

SPACES reserves the right to revoke funding for formerly approved programs for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Misrepresented program proposals
  • Insufficient program planning
  • Re-purposed events
  • Exaggeration of projected attendance
  • Inaccurate cost estimates
  • Inappropriate use of funds
  • Past-due post-program reports
  • Cancelled events/programs

If it is realized a Program Coordinator misused funds, SPACES may revoke funding for the specific event and/or the respective student organization. The Program Coordinator and/or student organization may also lose their future funding privileges for the remainder of the academic school year.