Post-Program Report

All events/programs that are funded/supported through SPACES must have a post-program report. All post-program reports must be submitted within 10 days following the event/program. Failure to submit your post-program report within the 10-day deadline will affect funding for future programs. Funding proposals of new events/programs for respective student organization and/or student staff members will not be accepted until the post-program is received.

Please take the time to thoughtfully complete the post-program report. This report is to be utilized in compiling SPACES quarterly and annual reports to be distributed to the Campus and to the State Legislature. It is important that Program Coordinators must provide as much detail as possible for each question. This well  help assess the effectiveness of the program/service and to help improve future programs and services.

In addition to filling out the questions listed below, Program Coordinators must provide the following information:

  • Compile all your participant information
    • Create an excel database listing all the information, or
    • Submit all participants information via our online forms.
  • Compile all evaluations into a spreadsheet.
  • Attach any media (Pictures, flyers)

Note: In the case that the submission form does not work, please compile all the necessary information and email all the required documents to



Email Address

Phone Number

Program Host:

If this program was hosted by a non-core student organization, please specify the organization(s)

Event/Program Name

Date(s) of Event/Program

SECTION I: MISSION, VISION, & OUTCOMES (You may copy this from your proposal statement)

What was the purpose of the program?

How does the program relate back to the mission of SPACES/ASP/SIAPS?

Which SPACES learning outcomes did your program fulfill? (Check all that apply)
educational successcommunity engagementleadership and professional developmentmatriculationpeer-to-peer programmingpolitical empowermentstudent support

Which activities did you incorporate to address the learning outcomes that you have specified?


Describe the schedule of events that took place during the program.

Which campus resources did you use and how were they incorporated into the program?


Please include how many participants attended your program.

Number of K-12 Students

Number of Community College Students

Number of Undergraduate Students (Including volunteers/organizers)

Number of Graduate Students

Number of Alumni

Number of Staff/Faculty

Number of Parents

Number of Teachers/Counselors/Community Members

If your program was a span over multiple days, please be specific in providing the breakdown of participants per event/day. (i.e. High School Access Partnership, Week-long Programming, High School Outreach)
Sample: Graduate Series:
10/6: General Application Information - 10 undergrads, 1 staff member
10/4: Graduate Student Panel - 2 undergrads, 2 grad students

Did you meet and/or exceed the number of participants that you anticipated? Please explain.

If parents, teachers, and/or counselors were present, how were they served through this program?

Are you using a customized Google Form for tracking participants throughout the year? (Typically, the SPACES Advisor will have created this for you)

If you said yes, please share the document with

Please upload a spreadsheet containing all participant information for this specific event. Please upload the database in a Microsoft Excel format.


What went well?

What needs improvements?

What do you recommend for future coordinators?

What are your plans in following up with participants (i.e. Phone calls, future events, surveys, etc.)

Any other comments, testimonials, and/or survey data that you would like to share

An electronic spreadsheet compiling all participant evaluations must be submitted. Please upload the evaluation in a Microsoft Excel format.

Please submit 5 full resolution photographs, flyers, programs, school list(s), or any other documents that you would find useful for SPACES.

If your total upload is over 5mb, please submit this directly to SPACES. You may send these files via e-mail or submit a CD or flash drive directly to SPACES.


Total Amount of SPACES Funds Used (Please do not use commas)

Do you have any reimbursements to submit?