What is the Summer Summit Program? Summer Summit is a 6-day, 7-night residential program for high school students designed and run by the Student Initiated Access Programs and Services (SIAPS) at UC San Diego. This program invites 10th-12th grade high school students from the San Diego area to stay in one of UCSD’s residential life halls. During the program, students reside in a suite with 6-8 other high school students and a Resource Advisor (a current UCSD student). Participants will have opportunities to:
  • Experience residential life on a college campus;
  • Build up their interpersonal and leadership skills;
  • Gain information and resources about 4-year university admission;
  • Be familiarized with  on-campus resources such as community centers, transition programs, research opportunities, etc.
  • Engage in skill building activities for leadership, personal growth, and academic success.
  • Develop and strengthen their critical thinking skills.
We provide all meals, housing, and activities at no cost to the student.
UC San Diego Students There are a number of ways UC San Diego students can get involved with the Summer Summit Program.

To learn more about the program and how to get involved with this year’s Summer Summit Program, please e-mail:  siaps@ucsd.edu

Student Staff

Summer Summit Resource Advisor OverviewSummer Summit Resource Advisors serve as mentors and resources to high school students within the San Diego Region. Each Resource Advisor is assigned 6-8 high school students, and resides within a residential suite, for the duration of the program. Resource Advisors are responsible for facilitating group activities and meetings that foster the development and learning of the high school students in a climate of support and trust. Resource Advisors also assist in the planning and coordination of the Summer Summit Program.

Please click  here to view the full job description, qualifications, application requirements, and work schedule.

Summer Summit Workshop Facilitator OverviewThe primary role of Summer Summit Workshop Facilitators is to foster the development and learning of the high school students in a variety of subject areas. Some of the subject areas include: pathways to postsecondary education, university resources, identity development, student empowerment, and social justice. Workshop Facilitators are responsible for designing and leading workshops, which will be carried out each day of the Summer Summit program. Each Workshop Facilitator will be responsible for leading discussions and activities for 10-16 students.


As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to lead activities with the students during free-time and help set-up for various activities throughout the program. Volunteers help make Summer Summit a rewarding and enriching experience for the students and staff.

As the start of the Summer Summit program nears, we will need help assembling program materials. This includes but is not limited to:

Assembling student goodie bags

Making copies of forms and documents

Creating students’ nametags

Making postersSetting up the buildings and office

We will also need help facilitating activities. More information about volunteer opportunities will be available mid-June.

To learn more about the program and how to get involved with this year’s Summer Summit Program, please e-mail:  siaps@ucsd.edu