Events that Transfer Access provides include The Annual Transfer Conference, the yearlong “Infusion” mentor-ship program, workshops catered to transfers, tabling, and a college tour. All the events that the Transfer Access puts on are all free, so, please sign up!

The program consists of 5 main components:

  1. The first component is the Mentor “Infusion” Program, where transfers who already transferred to UCSD act as mentors to prospective transfers.
  2. The second component is a transfer college tour. The tour consists of 5 different colleges.
  3. The third component are specified workshops dealing with different areas of transferring. Currently, Transfer Access has 10 different workshops.
  4. The fourth component is quarterly student panels. Where we invite students to come to UCSD, go on a tour of the campus, and participate in a panel of successful transfer students.
  5. The final component  is the Annual UCSD SPACES transfer Conference at UCSD.