Each participant of the Summer Summit Program will have the opportunity to experience the various components of the program. Components that will be coordinated are the following:

1. Resource Advisor


Each participant will be assigned to a current UCSD undergraduate student who will serve as their mentor throughout the duration of the program. Students will have the opportunity to meet with their Resource Advisor on an individual basis to reflect and share their experiences of the program.

2. Residential Life Suite Meetings


Participants will reside in a suite of 6-8 high school students along with their Resource Advisor. Within the residential suite, the Resource Advisor will facilitate meetings covering a variety of topics that include but are not limited to students’ communities/neighborhood, empowerment, relationships, and identity development.

3. Workshops

Workshops provide students an opportunity to explore topics of interest that are not typically discussed in a classroom setting. Some sample topics that are covered in these workshops include UC Admissions Requirements, Financial Aid, Social Justice, Art and Activism.

4. Social Activities


Social Activities provide participants opportunities to interact with students from various suites in a fun and welcoming environment. Activities that have been coordinated in the past include a student talent show, movie night, board games, and a dance.