SPACES is a fully funded, student-run space that is focused on access, retention, and community through UC San Diego.



Serves to encourage and support student-initiated programs and services that increase access to higher education for historically underrepresented students.


Strives to serve educationally disadvantaged student populations and provides free retention programs and services that help undergrads financially, socially, & academically. 


Addresses the lack of presence of community engagement and education programs within SPACES. Collaborates with CORE Organizations at UC San Diego.

SPACES Core Orgs

Current and Past Events

Core Org Study Jam

These series of study jams will be centered around community space where folks of all different backgrounds will have a safe space to talk about anything affecting them personally, bond with other folks that are in the same major/field, and create a supportive environment for studying.

Poster Making

SPACES x SJP is hosting a poster making event to create posters to bring to Wednesday's protest at Matthew's Quad. It'll be tomorrow, March 5th, 2024, from 6-8pm in SPACES! All materials will be provided so we hope to see you there!

TCV SPACEcraft night

Come to our SPACEcraft night where we will workshop how to make time for rest, passions, and art! After our short presentation, we will move onto the craft portion where you all could create art and/or write/journal.

Justice in Palestine Week

Volunteers needed! Check the link out in @sjp.ucsd bio and make sure you're signed into your UCSD account!

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