About Us

SPACES stands for Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Service. We are a fully funded, student run space that is focused on access and retention work through the University of California San Diego. SPACES at UCSD strives to:

  1. Increase the access to higher education.
  2. Increase the retention of UCSD undergraduates.
  3. Increase the access to even higher education. (Post Graduate Education)

The mission of the Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Service (SPACES) is to act as an empowering dynamic on campus where UCSD students collaborate to achieve greater educational equity. This encompasses equal access to higher education, undergraduate retention and graduation, and matriculation to graduate and professional schools.

SPACES values the power of student initiated action and organizing by providing an environment for student growth and development and thus is a foundation to create leadership and unity through community engagement.

SPACES serves as the center for student-initiated access and retention projects at the university. Student Initiated Access Programs and Services (SIAPS) shall exist as the “access” component to SPACES. The Student Initiated Programs for Holistic Retention (SIPHR) shall exist as the “retention” component to SPACES.

Student Initiated Access Programs for Holistic Retention (SIPHR)

SIPHR is a student-initiated and student-run service that functions to increase the retention rates of University of California, San Diego undergraduates. In particular, we strive to serve educationally disadvantaged student populations. SIPHR is committed to providing free retention programs and services that help undergraduates financially, socially, and academically.

Student-Initiated Access Programs and Services (SIAPS)

SIAPS serves to encourage and support creative student-initiated programs and services that increase access to higher education for historically underrepresented and underserved students. Through affirming identities, developing academic success, and providing resources, SIAPS shall empower students to create profound changes in their communities and in the world. SIAPS is committed to supporting all student efforts that match this purpose at the University of California, San Diego.

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