Practicum Courses

What is Practicum?

The Practicum Program is an initiative of the Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Service that serves as an opportunity to engage undergraduates with the diverse community within the university and in the greater San Diego region.  The SPACES Practicum is designed to serve the mission statement of empowering students and developing student empowerment.

Through student-led lectures and/or group discussions students will critically examine the issues facing underrepresented students, gain an understanding of the student movement at UCSD, and most importantly- learn how to take action and make positive change.  Emphasis will be placed on refining the knowledge and skills needed to carry out effective outreach and retention projects which include but are not limited to structural/institutional frameworks of racism/discrimination, inequities in education, basic counseling skills, and awareness of resources.

The Politics of Desirability


Past Courses:
One Sided: The Westernization of Representation


Do UC U(s)


Building Bridges

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Missed Representations

Missed Representation Flyer

UCSD SPACES Winter Quarter 2013 Practicum

Tuesdays 2pm-3:20pm

CCC Conference Room

ETHN198 – Group Directed Study 4 Units P/NP

Faculty Advisor: K. Wayne Yang

This course will focus on mainstream artistic media’s representation (or misrepresentation) of low income communities, their population, and their culture. We will be exploring how the media’s portrayal of these communities impacts an individuals’ potential for self-actualization and impacts their pursuit of higher education. We will compare and contrast examples of mainstream art and self-expressive art in order to critically analyze the process by which the art came about and the impact it has on the community it reflects.


Collective Collections and Recollections

UCSD SPACES Spring Quarter 2013 Practicum
Wednesdays 4pm-6:50pm
CCC Conference Room
ETHN198 – Group Directed Study 4 Units P/NP
Faculty Advisor: K. Wayne Yang
“collective collections and recollections seeks to create a space to build a collection of learned lessons, lived realities, forms of resistance, imaginations, and ways of knowings. Through gathering and collecting mementos, oral traditions, memories, stories, wisdom, scars, and knowledge, we will examine different mediums of storytelling, relearning  and find ways of reconnecting and rebuilding our journey from the past to the present and to the future.”
mis|dis|re|placing the scattered self

SPACES Practicum | Winter 2013 Course | ETHN 98: Directed Group Study | 2 Units, Pass/No Pass

Faculty Advisor:Professor K.Wayne Yang

Dates: Tuesdays, 5:00pm-6:20pm

Where: Cross Cultural Center Conference Room located on Price Center East next to the Loft

As we explore and try to find our “place(s)” in society and our communities where we can exist in the midst of the margins, borders, boundaries, and beyond, we may find ourselves trying to discover and make sense of who we are — the self . Often times, in this process, we are misplaced – put in the wrong place and lost temporarily, we are displaced – forced to move out of our comfort zones, and we are replaced- substituted and no longer given a place. As these processes occur and take shape; this can lead to a detachment from the self as we are thrown in various directions and found at various intervals, rather than all together. Join us in navigating, placing, and piecing together the scattered.