The Student Initiated Access Programs and Services (SIAPS) is a component of SPACES that promotes access and outreach projects and services to higher education and graduate school serving communities in the San Diego region, the state of California, and current undergraduates of the University of California San Diego. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Empower students to engage in critical pedagogies around structures of education.
  • Promote a pathway for traditionally marginalized communities to access higher education and post-baccalaureate programs.
  • Work with community members to provide resources to students to engage in critical knowledge production.



After School On-Sites 
  • On-sites are part of an aim to provide services to high school students in the areas of tutoring in classes, mentoring through high school and personal development, aid in college applications, and SAT preparation.
  • One site programs are facilitated and organized by the respective CORE organizations.
College Tours
  • 3-day, 2-night program that provides high school students from the San Diego area the opportunity to visit colleges and universities across Southern California
  • Participants engaged workshops and activities focusing on leadership development, identity and intersectionality, academics, social justice, communication, agency, and interpersonal development.
High School Conferences
  • SPACES works in collaboration with registered student organizations to offer one-day conferences
  • The goal of these conferences is to encourage students to take action in pursuing higher education.
  • Participants engaged in workshops on social justice, identity and college readiness.
Excel – Post-Bacc 
  • SIAPS-SPACES seeks to promote post-baccalaureate resources to current UCSD undergraduates, recent alumni, and alumni-staff in pursuing graduate school and research opportunities by providing:
    • Graduate School Admissions Testing Preparation
    • Graduate School Admissions Workshops
    • Providing 3 on-site graduate student mentors in the Center.
    • Provide resources to present potential and/or current research projects on-campus and in local programs.
Shadow Days 
  • 1-day programs to middle school and high school students to the experiences of student life at UCSD.
  • Attend an Alternative Tour through SPACES that personalized the campus tour
  • Opportunity to have one to one sessions with a current undergraduate.
  • Attend a student panel composed of UCSD students who shared their experiences, journeys, and stories of college.
Summer Summit & EPIC Programs  
  • Summer Summit is a 9-day/8-night free residential program for 10th-12th graders.
  • Provides the opportunity to experience residential life and develop interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Gain information and resources about 4-year universities admission policies
  • Workshops in interdisciplinary topics and guest lectures and partnerships with UCSD academic departments
  • Participants are enrolled and eligible to attend EPIC programs hosted by SPACES-SIAPS