Mission Statement

Student-Initiated Programs for Holistic Retention (SIPHR) is a student-initiated and student-run service that functions to increase the retention rates of University of California, San Diego undergraduates. SIPHR will be proactive at preventing academic probation, disqualification, and drop-out within underserved and under-resourced communities including students from low income, first generation, nontraditional, undocumented, disabled communities of color.

Learning Outcomes


educational disparities and challenges by providing programming and resources that promote the academic success of students from under-resourced and underserved backgrounds


under-resourced and under-represented students’ sense of belonging and undergraduate experiences by building emotionally supportive relationships between undergraduates, staff, faculty, and alumni


under-resourced students to culturally effective resources and programs that support their academic, personal, and professional growth


preparedness for graduating students in constructing their post-graduation objectives and developing their career pathways

Academic Support

The ASP Booklending Program loans course materials to students on a quarterly basis that is open for all students to apply.

Study Jam programs provide access to resources like tutors, blue books, scantrons, snacks, and brain food. Study Jams aim to increase their rate of success, the graduation and retention rates of these underrepresented communities.

Career & Post-Grad Preparation

Career/post-graduate workshops, panels, and programs for undergrads with diverse group of alumni and professionals.

Life skill programs like financial literacy, taxes workshops, etc. to provide resources and support for post-graduation.

Mentorship & Networking

in 6 mentorship programs from the SPACES CORE organizations, facilitating strong and caring relationships with peers.

SIPHR Program Coordinators plan the unveilings, retreats, bonding events, and mixers for their respective core orgs.

Student/staff/faculty mixers serve to connect undergraduates to UCSD staff and faculty who can share their knowledge and help students access resources.

Wellness & Self-Care

Providing students with de-stressing events, mindfulness resources, community breakfasts. It seek to alleviate academic strain and also recognizes the importance of physical well-being as an essential part of academic success.

Program provides physical and financial retention by providing food to students during a tough academic time of the quarter.

Socio-Political Empowerment

SPACES-SIPHR provides and funds awareness weeks, identity-based conferences, book talks, leadership training to undergraduate students.

The Afrikan Black Coalition (ABC) Conference addresses social and political issues facing the community through peer and professional workshops, keynote speakers, and social activities. The conference serves over 800 students that attend UC and CSU campuses all throughout California, and seeks to unify Black students across the state in order to discuss and resolve issues concerning academic policy, campus climate, matriculation from the University, and political education.

Alumni Engagement

The purpose of alumni panels, conferences, and job shadowing is to expose students to different opportunities by bringing back alumni that work within varying fields for roundtable discussions.

The alumni may be able to support the students navigate the campus culture and transition them from undergrad to graduate school or the workforce.

These types of programs help facilitate dialogues between students and alumni by, for, and about people of color who are often not acknowledged within the field. For this reason, these dialogues and connections are centered and given the opportunity to flourish abundantly.