ASP Booklending

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What is it?

ASP Booklending Program strives to relieve the financial burden of higher education’s academic textbooks. We loan out FREE textbooks to students on a quarterly basis. Allocation of books is based on need and availability.

Return Books

All borrowed books must be returned on Friday of that quarter’s Finals Week. If you have legitimate reasons for turning them in late, you must notify us at no later than Monday of Week 10 of the respective quarter.

Spring Quarter 2021

This quarter, we will be trying to provide online book rentals, and/ or PDF versions of your books. We will do our best to provide you with the book you want or need the most!
Deadline: March 28, 2021 @ 11:59PM (Week 1)
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General Information

While we take financial need and campus involvement into consideration all students are eligible for the program. Once a student is a Booklending recipient, SPACES asks that the students attends or volunteers for at least one SPACES hosted or recommended event per quarter. Attendance/ volunteering gives students a better, however not guaranteed, chance to receive books and allows them to get to know SPACES more.
The Booklending Program loans course materials to students on a quarterly basis. You must reapply each quarter that you are requesting books.
Every student that was lent a book or item for this quarter must participate or volunteer for at least 1 SPACES event/program.The dates and times of other SPACES events/programs can be found Calendar on the website (Stay Connected > Calendar).To receive automated emails about upcoming events/programs, please subscribe to our weekly eNews.

If you have further questions about this requirement or the Academic Success Workshop Series, please email them to


There’s various reasons as to why your course may not be listed:
It’s possible that the books you are requesting are optional; in which case we are not able to offer optional course books, only required course books. If it’s a book/reader not offered through the bookstore, then we can’t offer it.Your course could be cross-listed with another course or it may share course materials with another course. Please visit the Cross-listed Courses page to view a list of cross-listed books. You may need to request your book under a different course.
We will have to remove the books from your application for you. Please e-mail us at with your Name, PID# and the books that you will not be needing.
You can find your Financial Aid Confirmation on TritonLink under Financial Aid.
Please explain your financial situation in the second box of the Booklending application under Questionnaire. We understand this is confidential information, so if you don’t feel comfortable communicating this information on the application, please contact us at or call us SPACES at 858-534-7330.
You will not receive an e-mail notification regarding your status of your application and will be provided with the dates for book distribution/ re-distribution.

Your allocated books are only guaranteed to you if you pick them up on the designated distribution dates. If you do not pick up your books by the last day of distribution, your books will be redistributed to other applicants.

If you were allocated a book or multiple books, you must present your UCSD Student ID Card, and pick up your books during the distribution times listed below. If you do not pick up your allocated books during the scheduled distribution times, your books will be redistributed to other students on a first-come, first-served basis.
You will pick up your books at the SPACES Front Desk, which is on the second floor of Price Center between Shogun and the West Ballroom. Please view the map for location of the office.

Returning Books

All borrowed books must be returned by the Friday of that quarter’s Finals Week.
If you have legitimate reasons for turning them in late, you must notify us via e-mail at no later than Monday of 10th week of the respective quarter. We will make exceptions for only certain cases, but in order to not be fined for a late return, your request must be approved. If you request is not approved and you submit your books late, you will be ineligible for booklending the following quarter.

Students are given the scheduled times for book returns in many forms (email & website) along with our contact information. This is our way of holding students accountable for a program that we provide for free. If you do not return your book(s), we will not be able to lend the book(s) to other students in need. So plan ahead so we can avoid any complications.

Need more information? Please contact the SIPHR Resource Coordinators by phone: (858)534-7330 or e-mail: