Dellanira Alcauter

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Practicum Co-Coordinator
3rd Year Ethnic Studies and Communication w/ a minor in Potentially Education Studies


Dream Job:
Ethnic Studies teacher/Stockton Unified School District Board Chair/Education Policy Reformer/Ethnic Studies Professor/College Advisor for underrepresented youth/basically anything and everything social justice and helping underrepresented POC

If you could meet any person, living or dead, who would it be?
Sojourner Truth

If you were to pick a theme song for your life, which song would it be?
You Should be Here- Kehlani

If you could have SPACES fund any access/retention program, what would it be?
To bring students from my hometown to UCSD so that they are able to experience life on a college campus and learn about all the resources available to them to achieve higher education and retention if they choose to attend a higher ed institution. I would love to see them learn about the narratives that aren’t taught in high school curriculum and begin the journey to whatever success and happiness looks like to them.