Work at SPACES

SPACES offers (34) paid student staff positions to individuals, allowing one the opportunity to self-reflect, build community, as well as develop one’s professional skills while working towards education equity.Our application for our year-long student staff positions are released every April for the following academic school year. Our student staff positions are divided into (2) categories:

  1. Internships
  2. Co-Directors/Co-Coordinators

Internships (Full Internship Packet)
We offer (26) internships that are specific to (4) four focus areas which provide an experience to develop specific knowledge and skills that are adaptable to any work environment. Though many of the internships entail working with certain communities, experiences will be taken into consideration, but also commitment and the ability for growth since SPACES internships allow individuals the opportunity for self-reflection, growth, and raising consciousness within themselves.

Community-Education Internships

(2) Campus Diversity Engagement Coordinators
(2) Practicum Coordinators
(2) Yield Coordinators

Communications Internships

(2) The Collective Voice Co-Editor-in Chiefs
Graphic Design Coordinator
Web Design & Marketing Coordinator

Access Internships

APSA Community LEAP Access Coordinator
BSU SEMPORA Access Coordinator
KP CORE Coordinator
MEChA Xoxotlani Coordinator
NASA Community Coordinator
QPOC We Are Family Access Coordinator
Transfer Access Coordinator

Retention Internships

APSA Community RISE Coordinator
(2) ASP Resource Coordinators
BSU SEMPORA Retention Coordinator
KP STAR Coordinator
MEChA SIGUE Coordinator
NASA Community Coordinator
QPOC We Are Family Retention Coordinator
Transfer Retention Coordinator

Co-Director & Co-Coordinator Positions (Full Coco Packet)
The (8) director and coordinator positions are appointed positions that serve as administrative and supervisor roles that coordinate and manage the programs and internal structure of ASP, SIAPS, and SPACES. They also focus on developing leadership with interns, board members and volunteers.

Co-Director Positions

Director of Financial Affairs
Director of Internal Affairs
Director of Local Affairs
Director of Statewide Affairs

Co-Coordinator Positions

(2) ASP Co-Coordinators
(2) SIAPS Co-Coordinators