IDEA Overnight

SPACES has partnered with the IDEA Student Center at the Jacobs School of Engineering to offer a special program coordinated for those interested in connecting with Engineering students, as well as Engineering alumni, faculty, and staff. Students will participate in specific activities organized by Jacobs School students that include sharing of current students’ personal experiences and connecting newly admitted students to the many academic and student life resources at the School of Engineering and UC San Diego.

The IDEA Overnight Program will occur at the same time as the SPACES and BSU Overnight programs. While students will have the opportunity to participate in joint activities with the BSU and SIAPS tracks of the Overnight program, participants of the IDEA Overnight Program will spend a majority of their time with Engineering students, faculty and staff.

All 3 tracks of the Overnight Program will occur at the same time and will have joint activities throughout the weekend.

For more information: Jacob School of Engineering Website |