Book Return

2017 Spring Quarter Book Return

All books that will be loaned out for Spring are to be returned during the following dates.

Return Dates & Times:

Return dates and times for Spring 2017 are still tentative! Please check back here periodically throughout the quarter for a complete list of times.

Failure to return books within the specified time will result in a withholding of your deposit along with a one-quarter probationary period from applying to the Booklending Program.

Please note:
  1. Books should be returned only during dates and times specified above directly to the SPACES Front Desk.
  2. Please do not return your allocated books to SPACES Staff Members who are not working at the Front Desk or leave your books unattended anywhere else in SPACES.
  3. Please make sure you have your UCSD Student ID card because it is necessary to process book returns.
  4. If you were allocated more than one book, you must return them in all at the same time. Otherwise you will need to write out a new check for those book(s) that were not turned in.

Failure to return your books on time and in the condition that you received them will result in cashing of your deposit and/or loss of Booklending privileges for the subsequent quarter.